BASE PACKAGE: Chips & salsa plus 3 items from Level 1 or Level 2

BASE PACKAGE PRICING: $16/person for Level 1. $19/person for Level 2

ADDITIONAL ITEMS: $3 for every additional item from Level 1. $4 for every additional item from Level 2

SUBSTITUTIONS: Items from a Level 1 Base Package may be substituted out for an item in Level 2 for an additional $2.50 per item

**Pricing does not include 8.75% sales tax or 18% service gratuity



House made Guacamole

Corn Tortillas filled with shredded chicken and served with house made salsa and sour cream.

Mini Street Tacos*
(Carnitas, Grilled Chicken, Carnitas, or Vegetarian). Quesadillas* (Cheese, Grilled Chicken or Carnitas)

Mini Tostadas*
(Grilled Chicken, Carnitas and Vegetarian)

(Cheese, Grilled Chicken or Carnitas)

Mexican Rice & Cheese Cakes
A bite size mixture of Mexican rice and cheese that is rolled in crushed tortilla chips then fried to a golden brown

Toasted torta bread with black bean puree, salsa fresca & queso fresco

Papas Bravas
Twice cooked fingerling potatoes served with smoked paprika aioli

*Carne asada available for an extra $.50/person



Chicken Chimichurri Skewers
Grilled marinated chicken with our house made chimichurri sauce and melted cheese

Blacken Ahi on a Tortilla Chip
Blackened and seared Ahi tuna tossed with salsa fresco on a tortilla chip

Albandigas with Salsa Verde or Smokey Chipotle Salsa
Mexican spiced meatballs with your choice of house made Salsa Verde or Smokey Chipotle Salsa

Shrimp Diablo Skewers
Grilled Shrimp basted with our special spicy Diablo sauce

Chorizo & Papas Lumpia
A mixture of pork and beef Mexican sausage and potatoes wrapped in rice paper and fried to a golden brown

Spicy Chicken Wings
House made wing sauce served with ranch dressing

Chicken and Cheese Flautas
Flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken and cheese and fried to a golden brown. Served with sour cream and roasted tomato salsa

Shrimp Ceviche
Individual ramekins filled with shrimp, peppers, onions and cilantro